Thursday, December 16, 2010

NEMS - Fuck Your Lyfe Valium Won (2005)

1.Breathe (Freestyle)
2.Prezidential Speech
4.No Joke Ft.Skoop Skandlez & George Burnz
5.Hood Hop (Freestyle)
6.A Man Wit A Gun
7.Real Fuck Your Lyfe Shit Ft.Skoop Skandlez, George Burnz, Ollie Ox
8.Get It (Freestyle) Ft. Eturnal
10.Buck 50
11.C.I. Ft. George Burnz
12.More Or Less (Freestyle) Ft. Datin
14.Steam That (Freestyle) Ft. Skoop Skandlez
15.Say My Name
16.4 Acez Ft. George Burnz, Guiness Stout, Datin
17.Eaze My Pain
19.Ain't No Click (Freestyle)
20.Tha Truth Ft. George Burnz
21.So Ghetto (Freestyle)
22.Crack Rock Ft. George Burnz
23.Mighty Deadly (Freestyle) Ft. J-Hon
24.Nutmeg (Freestyle) Ft. Conflict
25.Hit Dat
26.FYL Anthem

Bonus Tracks

27.Live From E.O.W.
28.Live From E.O.W. Part 2

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NEMS - Super Marvelous Mixtape (2009)

01 . West Coast Gangsta Shit
02 . Super Marvelous
03 . Sweet Dreams
04 . 2008 Mentality (Feat. Q-Unique)
05 . 40 Barz & Running
06 . Underworld Xclusive
07 . Hustlin' Dope
08 . Brooklyn South (Feat. Q-Unique)
09 . Thieves Theme (Feat. Jane Bang)
10 . Bury You (Feat. George Burnz)
11 . 2005 Freestyle
12 . Rat Poison (Feat. Ktana, Jess James & Iron Soloman)
13 . Lonely Lyfe
14 . Poison Murdafest (Feat. Poison Pen)
15 . What You Gonna Do (Feat. Joey Zaza & Paulee Zance)
16 . Rat Race (Feat. Poison Pen)
17 . Kaos (Feat. Kaotic)
18 . The Essence (Feat. OTR)
19 . Ear 2 Da Streets (Feat. Poison Pen & George Burnz)
20 . NY 2 Bmore (Feat. Vin Chenzo)
21 . Kissing You (Feat. Skoop Skandles & George Burnz)
22 . Enyemes & The Bza (Feat. George Burnz)

(NEMS tracks on listen in the mixpod realplayer on your right here so don't hesitate to check out this dope artist ! - S.O.B.)

NEMS - Fuck Ya Laws Valium 2 (2007)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NEMS - Prezident's Day (2010)

Coney Island New-York representative, Fuck Your Lyfe PreZident, Coney Island Mayor, Mister Marvelous, NEMS Guttah special this week !
I personnaly discovered music from this Super Marvelous rapper in 2007 with the "Grown Man Rap" track (ft. Sean Price).
It immediatly got me hooked up on his .ish. The super talented mic battlin' champ should give you faith "again" (if ever lost) in that real underground hiphop you all love.
Nems is the shit now. His flow and lyrical imagery are deadly.
The instrumentals are wicked also, most produced by Svengali Bros. I believe?
This album has been on hold for over a couple of years due to problems with Necro's Psycho Logical Label. Here it is finally! NEMS' PreZident's Day.

I personally like best The Minimum Medium Maximum track where he relates his experience in/on Rikers Isle Prison...Dope, Dope, track !
also the GFY (Go Fuck Yourself) track is real nyce with it's "it's Fuck ya lyfe yo, lyfe yo, lyfe yo"chorus....a classic !
There's also another track where he sampled the Barry Vorzon soundtrack to the 70's film "The Warriors" ... Excellent and natural choice for this Coney Island Rep !
I'm also very impatient to hear from an album produced with his associate George Burnz...
Would be a bit like the return of Swan & Ajax ..."Can you dig it ?.....".
Turnbulls, Orphans, Baseball Furies and other New-York enemy crews be on the lookout for these...
Hope to see these true warriors tour in Europe one of these days!
(written by Shareman of the Bored)

Coming UP Shortly ....NEMS MURDAFEST MASSACRE Week !!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Street Smartz - Problemz BW Metal Thangz (1996)

After the "Mad Ammo" track this post is in honor of F.T. (Fuc That A.K.A. Full Time) of Street Smartz..."Bitches ain't nothin' but Problemz, can't live with em, can't live without em.."
Always luved this track...funny as hell & oops Buckwild on production.
Want to hear more from FT he's Fresh Totally !

1.Problemz (Dirty)
2.Problemz (Clean)
3.Problemz (Instrumental)
4.Problemz (Accapella)
5.Metal Thangz feat.O.C. & Pharaoahe Monch (Dirty)
6.Metal Thangz (clean)
7.Metal Thangz (Instrumental)
8.Metal Thangz (Accapella)

RA the Rugged Man - The Best, The Forgotten, The Worst (2010)

Here's a comp. of Ruggedman madness...from this exceptional lyricist.

1.Crazy Man ft. Celph Titled & Block McCloud
2.Return of the Renaissance ft. Hell Razah
3.You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit ft. Havoc
4.Diablos ft. Celph Titled, Louis Logic & J.J. Brown
5.Mad Ammo ft. Celph Titled Prod. by Buckwild
6.Bottom Feeders ft. Cage unreleased mix produced by DJ Mighty Mi
7.Hold Up ft. Lord Lhus & Reef the Lost Cauze (unreleased Mix Guns-N-Butter)
8.Pipe dreams ft.Bekay Marco Polo
9.Three Greats ft. Kool G Rap & Reef the Lost Cauze Guns-N-Butter Mix)
10.Homecoming Queen ft. Mr.Eon DJ Mighty Mi
11.Nosebleed ft. Vinnie Paz prod. by DC The Midi Alien
12.Betcha Life ft. The High & Mighty
13.Crazy Man ft. Block McCloud & Celph Titled (Bonus Remix)
14.Nosebleed ft. Vinnie Paz (JBL The Titan Remix)

Celph Titled - There Will Be Blood (Remix)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dope 2

Limited Vinyl pressing of Buckwild dopeness.... There Will be Blood remix is an instant classic! Buck's the Boss !

A1 Celph Titled - There Will Be Blood (LP Version)
Featuring - A.G. , Diamond D , Grand Puba , O.C. , Sadat X
A2 Celph Titled - There Will Be Blood (Remix)
Featuring - A.G. , Diamond D , Grand Puba , O.C. , Sadat X
A3 Celph Titled - Nothin’ To Say
Featuring - Rise
A4 Celph Titled - The Celph Titled Show
B1 Kool G Rap - Fast Life (Remix)
Featuring - Nas
B2 Da Bush Babees - We Run Things (Remix)
B3 Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level (Remix)
Featuring - Diamond D
B4 Rampage - Beware Of The Rampsack (Remix)
B5 Grand Daddy I.U. - Represent (Remix)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Celph Titled & Buckwild featuring FT & RA The Rugged Man - Mad Ammo (Off...

Celph Titled & Buckwild-Eraserheads-(Feat Vinnie Paz Of JMT)

Dope 1

D.I.T.C.'s Buckwild frenzy this week ...

Here's the Best Hiphop Album I've heard this last decade !!!
I always loved Buckwild (this guy is the boss !). His tracks/remixes have always been highly sought after & damn hard to find back in the days...
His intrus are true treasures... Celph Titled and Guests rip the .ish also !
I'm playin' this LP in a loop & I'm back in the nineties....

1 The Deal Maker 4:37
2 Out To Lunch 3:31 [Featuring] - Treach of Naughty By Nature
3 Eraserheads 4:24 [Featuring] - Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks
4 Fuckmaster Sex 4:26
5 Swashbuckling 4:47 [Featuring] - Apathy , Esoteric , Ryu (of S.O.B.)
6 I Could Write A Rhyme 5:36
7 Hardcore Data 5:11
8 Mad Ammo 5:14 [Featuring] - F.T. aka Fuc That, R.A. The Rugged Man
9 Tingin' 3:45
10 There Will Be Blood 4:13 [Featuring] - A.G. , Diamond D , Grand Puba , O.C. , Sadat X
11 Miss Those Days 4:18
12 Step Correctly 4:42
13 Wack Juice 4:30
14 Styles Ain't Raw 5:39 [Featuring] - Apathy , Chino XL
15 Where I Are 3:56
16 Time Travels On 3:27 [Featuring] - Dutchmassive , Majik Most

Ill Biskits - A Better Day

Buckwild - Diggin' In The Crates- Rare Studio Masters (2007)

All essential remixes from the D.I.T.C. genius producer.

Big L - 139 & Lenox (2010)

Since it's Buckwild week this week...Don't forget to check out the Buckwild remix of "Who you Slidin' Wit".

01. Big L - Now or Never
02. Big L - On the Mic (Roc Raida Turntablist Mix)
03. Big L - Ebonics remix ft. T-Rex
04. Big L - We got This
05. Big L - Platinum Plus (original riverside mix)
06. Big L - Furious Anger ft. Shyheim
07. Big L - Still Here ft. (C-Town Hi-Tek's original mix)
08. Big L - Games Females Play
09. Big L - Nigga Please ft. Stan Spit and Mcgruff
10. Big L - Who You Slidin Wit (Buckwild Remix)
11. Big L - Universal Freestyle12. Big L - Devil's Son (Live in Amsterdam)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I.G.Off & Hazadus - crown holders

I.G. Off and Hazardous-How you love that

I.G. Off & Hazardous - Unsigned Mc's Bootleg (90's)

I.G. Off

1. Street Serenade
2. This Ain't Livin'
3. Hiphop Till I Die
4. The Nicest
5. In The Air
6. How You Love That
7. Ready For Me
8. Crown Holders
9. Phonographic Material
10. Bathroom Cipher
11. Freestyle
12. Freestyle
13. Freestyle
14. Halftime Freestyle
15. Halftime Freestyle
16. Halftime Freestyle

Here's a Real Nyce one here...The most slept on underground Hiphop group ever....
I.G Off & Hazardous (The Nicest) are two unsigned, under the radar New-York MC's that came up in the mid 90's. Fans of underground radio will remember them well, otherwise you might know their work with DJ Spinna on the 'Street Serenade' 12", the Lyricist Lounge LP's, or the Beyond Real Experience LP.
I discovered them in a german documentary called "Hiphop a tale from the hood" (2003) (if anyone knows where a download of this film is available thanks for letting me know, so I can post it here!) The doc. shows them freestyling with Saigon amonst others. There's a dope instrumental playing in the background called "Crown Holders" produced by norwegian producer Tommy Tee (...took me quite some time to put a name on that track...)

PS: I also read somewhere that I.G. Off had been badly injured in a car crash a few years back?
I hope he's okay! is he still rapping and producing material?
I really hope to see this crew back on track one of these days!
...This collection of singles is essential to any New-York underground Hiphop fan.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mr. GreenWeedz - It's A Same (Instrumental)

Mr. Greenweedz - Driven 12" (2001)

A little bit of Chi-town's Mr. Greenweedz (All Natural Inc.) for y'all containing a Dug Inf. production. I personally dig the "it's a shame" track...
Dope instrumental!

A1 Driven (Mixed By - Dug Infinite)
A2 Driven (Instrumental)
B1 It's A Shame (Mixed By - Sean O'Keefe)
Scratches - Tone B. Nimble
B2 It's A Shame (Instrumental)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DJ Spinna - Compositions 1 (1997 White Label)

4 Untitled instrumentals from the master producer.

DJ Spinna has "remained strictly an underground artist despite his astonishing talent." He began experimenting with turntables at age 11 and is known for combining dance music with hip hop, funk, and soul music. He remixed artists such as De La Soul, Mary J. Blige, and Stevie Wonder. He also collaborated with Eminem on songs such as "Three Six Five," "Watch Deez," and "5-Star Generals," before the latter went on to superstardom. His first group, the Jigmastas, was with the emcee Kriminul. He is also a member of Polyrhythm Addicts, an underground hip-hop supergroup composed of him, Apani B Fly MC, Mr. Complex, and Shabaam Sahdeeq. The group's album Rhyme-Related was released in 1999 on Wreck/Nervous Records and featured a song with Pharaohe Monch. Apani B Fly MC was replaced by Tiye Phoenix when the group reunited and recorded the 2007 release Break Glass, which featured the single “Reachin’,” released on April 24, 2007. He also worked with New York-based live house-music group Tortured Soul as well as being a member of the group Domecrackers with DJ/Producer Joc Max from Kansas City, and Grap Luva, whose brother is legendary hip hop producer Pete Rock.

DJ Spinna - Compositions 2 (2005)

Dj Spinna - Shazzam

DJ Spinna - Compositions 3 (2005)

This one's my favorite. I love "Avenue" and "Shazzam". DJ Spinna one of the most talented producers out there.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shabazz The Disciple - Death Be The Penalty

Shabazz the Disciple - Death be the Penalty / Concious of Sin (1995)

Shabazz's rugged flow and 4th Disciple's Production of "Death be the Penalty"... A Classic !

Shabazz the Disciple - Death be the Penalty (Original Clean Mix)
Shabazz the Disciple - Death be the Penalty (Clean Remix)
Shabazz the Disciple - Death be the Penalty (Instrumental)
Shabazz the Disciple - Death be the Penalty (Acapella)
Shabazz the Disciple - Righteous Chamber ( Interlude)
Shabazz the Disciple - Concious of Sin (Vocal)
Shabazz the Disciple - Concious of Sin (Instrumental)
Shabazz the Disciple - Concious of Sin (Acapella)
Shabazz the Disciple - Death be the Penalty (Remix Instrumental)

Shabazz the Disciple is a rapper from the Red Hook Houses of Red Hook, Brooklyn. He is an original member of the Sunz of Man and Da Last Future. Shabazz is possibly best known for his guest appearance on the 1994 Gravediggaz hit single "Diary of a Madman," and for his controversial 1995 single "Death be the Penalty." He formed the duo the Disciples with Killah Priest, and later formed Celestial Souljahz with Freestyle of the Arsonists.
Shabazz released a handful of singles in the mid-90s, such as "Death be the Penalty", "Crime Saga", "The Lamb's Blood" and "Street Parables", in anticipation of his planned 1998 debut LP on GZA's GZA Entertainment imprint. However, the label folded and his relationship with the Clan soon strained, leading him to cut his Wu-affiliated ties. He is also known for being an influence on the late Big Pun.

Shabazz The Disciple - Crime Saga (Death Be The Penalty - The Sequel)(1995)

Red Hook Revalations (Introduction)
Crime Saga (Death Be The Penalty - The Sequel)
Crime Saga (Death Be The Penalty - The Sequel) (Remix)
The Last Trumpet (Interlude)
Conscious Of Sin
Crime Saga (Death Be The Penalty - The Sequel) (Spiritualmental)
Conscious Of Sin (Spiritualmental)
Crime Saga (Death Be The Penalty - The Sequel) (Accapella)

Skitzofreniks State W Check Mark

Skitzofreniks - On My Own Sh!t [EP] (1999)

01 On My Own Sh!t
02 Superhoe
03 Skitzofreniks' State feat. 7L & Esoteric, REKS, and Virtuoso
04 Sicilians (Mister Jason Remix) feat. K-no Supreme
05 Slow It Down
06 Left You Lonely
07 Fresh Rhymes feat. Do-Re-Mi
08 Job Hunting
09 You Want Some More feat. Do-Re-Me, K-no Supreme, MC
10 Sicilians feat. K-no Supreme

Coming out of the diversified streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Skitzofreniks have been a staple in the Boston Hiphop scene since the early 1990's. CheckMark and EB have been recording together since 1991, they steered away from attempting to release any music to the public until 1999 when "On My Own Sh!t" dropped on Brick Records. Their focus has always been on making music for themselves and people that could relate to it, while letting the cards fall where they are meant to. Their patience has resulted in a polished sound and attitude that has them ready to take on anything and everything that comes their way. "We owe everything to Hiphop and Cambridge for helping to make us who we are, and now it's our time to repay them!" -Skitzofreniks.

A Tribe Called Quest - The Lost Demos (1999)

A1 Practice Session (Demo Mix)
A2 Consequence - Rock 'n' Roll (Jay Dee Mix)
A3 Consequence - Get The Money (Dong & Andy Remix)
A4 Consequence - The Riot (Laid Back Mix)
A5 Put It Down
B1 Girls (The Ummah Mix)
B2 Waiting On You (On The Q Mix)
B3 Weekendz (DJ Crazy Mix)
B4 Get It Up (Phife House Mix)
B5 Wifey Material ('AJ' The Booty Banger Production)
Vocals - SWV

Showbiz Presents - Big L And Silky Black-Double Pack (2010)

Big L (of D.I.T.C.) - 'No Endz, No Skinz (Explicit OG Version)' (Produced By: Showbiz)
Big L (of D.I.T.C.) - 'No Endz, No Skinz (Explicit OG Version)'instrumental
Big L (of D.I.T.C.) - 'Give It To 'Em "L" (OG Version)' (Produced By: Showbiz)
Big L (of D.I.T.C.) - 'Give It To 'Em "L" (OG Version)' instrumental
Silky Black (of D.I.T.C.) - 'Turn It Up' (Produced By: Showbiz)
Silky Black (of D.I.T.C.) - 'Blow Up' (Produced By: Showbiz)
Silky Black (of D.I.T.C.) - '163rd' (Produced By: Lord Finesse)
Silky Black (of D.I.T.C.) - 'Turn It Up' instrumental
Silky Black (of D.I.T.C.) - 'Blow Up' instrumental
Silky Black (of D.I.T.C.) - '163rd'

Big L - Gorilla In A Phonebooth: Original Demo Recordings, 1991-1992, Recorded at Jazzy Jay Studios, Bronx, NY
These recordings are from the original sessions of late 1991 and early 1992 which produced an album's worth of material and a deal with Sony/Columbia. These sessions materialized after L, then working with his DJ, D-Wiz, approached a car containing Showbiz and Lord Finesse on the streets of Harlem in early 1991. Big L so impressed Showbiz with his flow that Show arranged to have him come to Jazzy Jay's legendary studio in the Bronx and record with him. According to Show, these two recordings were made just after his introduction to Big L in Harlem in 1991 -- the very first time L was ever in a studio.

'No Endz, No Skinz (Explicit OG Version)' is a completely different track from Showbiz with heavy bassline, fat horn section and chimes later used by DJ Premier for the remix of Crooklyn. Dirty version with lots of X-rated language omitted from the clean version later released. First and second verses are similar but rawer (with a flawless flow from L that makes the released version sound jumpy by comparison), while the third verse is longer than the truncated verse L recorded on the released version. Note that he shouts out "D" (DJ D-Wiz) at the end of the this verse rather than Showbiz as on the released version. 'Let 'Em Have It "L" (OG Version)' is also a completely different track. Smoother than the version later released, which was not produced by Showbiz. Different approach to chorus. Many different lyrics, some of which L later used in freestyles [e.g. his debut on Stretch & Bobbito in 1992]

Silky Black - Forest Houses Pedigree: D.I.T.C. Unheard, 1992-1993, Recorded at Jazzy Jay Studios, Bronx, NY
Silky Black is one of the best-kept secrets of the D.I.T.C. crew. A cousin of Show's that grew up in Forest Houses, Silky continued to record throughout the 90's. These are the first recordings made of Silky Black in 1992 and 1993 at Jazzy Jay's studio in the Bronx, before he recorded the previously-released Step Up & Get Some (1994, produced by Show) and My Style (1994, produced by Show). From these demo recordings we can see that Silky had great mic presence – confident with a strong voice, solid delivery and, when he chose, the ability to rap candidly about subjects in a heartfelt manner. Also, we learn that both Show and Finesse rightly thought enough of Silky to give him some absolutely scorching beats. It is exciting for us at Freestyle Records to be able to release these gems from an MC who deserves to finally be heard at his best.

This project is pressed as a 2x12", includes all five instrumentals and is limited to a one-time pressing of 400 hand-numbered copies (available @, don't sleep!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big L Feat. Mase,Herb McGruff - Danger Zone

(Herb) McGruff - Destined To Be (1998) [Download Here]

Harlem Rapper McGruff's, member of Children of the Corn alongside Big L, Camron, (Murda)Mase (really kills it here!), Bloodshed..., 1998 LP containing Gems from that era (The "Dangerzone" track is an intemporal absolute killa). This crew was ripping it. Hope that McGruff comes up with new stuff one of these days (appeared on a Mase mixtape in 2009 apparantly...).
His solid flow shows that type of quality, too many rappers lack in these days....Talent maybe !!!

Gruff Express 3:37
Harlem Kids Get Biz 3:02
This Is How We Do 2:54
Many Know 3:29
Exquisite / The Spot (Interlude) 5:11
What Part Of The Game 4:53
Who Holds His Own 2:51
What Cha Doin' To Me 3:57
Destined To Be 4:02
Freestyle 1:05
Dangerzone 4:23
What You Want 4:36
Before We Start 3:28
Reppin' Uptown / The Signing (Interlude) 3:46
Stop It 4:32
Before We Start (Remix) 3:44

Stephen Simmonds feat. Big L & Marquee (2001)[Download Here]

Good RnB swing from Stephen Simmonds (Very Nice Voice) with Big L & Marquee on raps. Lord Finesse on production.... Lovely !

A1 Alone (Radio Edit) 3:42
Rap [Featuring] - Big L
Remix - Lord Finesse
A2 Alone (Club Mix) 4:20
Featuring - Big L & Marquee
B1 I Can't Do That (Radio Edit) 3:26
Featuring - Swinga
B2 I Can't Do That (Club Mix) 5:08
Featuring - Swinga